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My daughter is a six year old who likes to play games and have fun. She likes to play classic games like Candy Land, wacky games like Bean Boozled, and video games like Tag with Ryan. She also likes to watch YouTube. She wanted to have her own YouTube channel,  so we decided to do a gaming channel. We named the channel Shy's PlayLand. In a month we had five videos and over 200 subscribers. The channel was going great. Then our laptop died. We've tried to continue with the channel, but using only a cellphone to record, edit, and upload videos has been troublesome.  Money is tight and we just can't afford to but a new laptop at this time. We created a ko-fi account in the Hope's of getting donations towards a new laptop, but to no avail.  Any help that could be given would be highly appreciated.


Below is the link to my ko-fi account. If you could please buy a coffee. Each coffee (donation) is just $3.

Thank you.

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Anybody with a kind heart.

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