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Our Wish is to get enough money to for the Vets visit in BOSTON

Hi, we are Albert & Michelle Hagerthy.  We are the proud parents of an amazing 6 year old Pomeranian fur baby named Butters. 


Butters has been with us since he was a puppy, we also have his older sister BooBear who is 7 years old. These two loves are my gift  for Beating Cancer and I Love them so much!  They bring me so much joy and happiness.   

We need help for Butters, he is sick and we don’t know why.



In July of this year we noticed Butters had red eyes, we thought ok it must be allergies, we took him to our Vet.  We where given NepolyDex eye drops.  This seemed to sooth and clear up the redness.


In August we noticed his eyes where red again.  Took him back to our Vet.  He ways examined and we where told he could have Uveits, we where advised to see a specialist.  


Uveitis is an sever eye condition and in this case it is caused by an underlying condition which no one can figure out as of yet.

This is where it all begins.....


On August 8th

 We took Butters to Portland Veterinarian Specialist to have an Ophthalmology ER Consultation.

The Specialist did an Itchy Pet Profile, Tick Panel 6 with Lyme C6 Quant blood work.  Then sent home with Dorzolamise HCI 2%. Was told by the eye doctor to go see an Internal Specialist.    Total $621.28


September 7,2018

Butters was seen by DVM Benedict, during this visit He was put through an ultrasound, blood work and  more eye drops.

Ultrasound was was normal, his liver values went up.  The Vet belives the Doxycycline cause toxicity and Glaucoma. More meds where prescribed.  Total $950


September 11 Butters saw our Vet for new dog food that would be low fat.


September 12, back to the Opthalmologist for eye check and more drops.    Total $128.96


September 20 Butters went to our Vet to get fluids. He has not been eating and in pain.  Total$25


September 25 Butters had a Biopsy sent to IDEXX Lab at our Vet.    Total $774.68



We still have no idea what has caused Butters to have this underlying condition. Once we find out what it is hopefully he can start treatment to make him better.


On a good note our Local Vet and I discussed the next option since no one has any idea what is wrong with Butters, the next step  is to go to Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in Massachusetts.  Hopefully they will be able to find the cause.








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