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Erin Cruz

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I have a very rare disease called Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia, I have been trying to raise money for a handicap vehicle and hand-control lessons, to get hand controls in the vehicle so I can drive again on GoFundMe. Currently, my driving is limited as I don't want to risk it. It's gotten hard to keep my foot down on the brake and gas. I have had to actually push my knee down to keep pressing down on the gas or brake. Local medical appointments are 45 minutes away or longer. So I drive for 20 mins or so then take a break the drive again. I have a GoFundMe, no one has funded me so I had someone pawn my wedding ring for $430 so I could pay the 1st evaluation and consult. There I learned I would need a dependable vehicle to put the hand-controls in within 3 months. There was no way I could buy a vehicle in less than 3 months. I put my lessons on hold, been pricing vehicles and my options. 

I do have 2 kids with medical issues and they also have the SPG4 gene as I do, they haven't been diagnosed with the disease as I haven't been able to drive out of state for them to see someone who specializes in this rare disease. Some days I can't pick them up from sports/school or take them to appointments as my foot doesn't cooperate with me from the start of trying to leave my driveway. Getting a vehicle that I can have hand-controls in it would be so much easier since my feet no longer cooperate with me and my arms shake so much from the tremors. The hand controls I tried I didn't have any tremors and the seat was able to be lifted so I didn't get any spasms either. 

Any help I appreciate, if you can't donate can you please share my link. 



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