Tremika's Profile


Name : Tremika Winters

Location : San Antonio, Texas, United States of America - USA

About Me : I'm a single mother of 4 who moved with my children and the clothes on our back from Atlanta to San Antonio I work a part time job because I have to work around my children's schedule. We didn't know anyone here, I just wanted my kids away from our crime infested neighborhood in Atlanta. We got here and I would love for us to not have to rely so heavily on public transportation and lyft. It's very costly. My job doesn't pay well enough to save with 4 kids. My job also usually lasts late so I miss the bus home and have to rely on lyft to get home. I have to wait sometimes 30 mins in the dark waiting for a lyft home. I often don't feel safe but have no choice but to trust these people with my safety. They have to take me home feeling weak after standing long periods of time, if something were to happen i wouldn't be able to defend myself. We really need a car. Our last vehicle was destroyed by a controlling ex boyfriend who didn't want me to leave. It really crippled us. I made a GoFundMe to try to raise the funds, but we don't know anyone that'll help. Our support system is next to none. The funds we're asking for will take care of the car, registration, and tag ad well as gas. Any little bit would help.