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Name : Amy Rodriguez

Location : Denver, Colorado, United States of America - USA

About Me : My name is Amy and I am a 37 he old single mother of 3 boys, 2 still at home, ages 19, 10 and 6. I am diabetic and i have high blood pressure. On top of that I was hit by a car and injured my back. I do work but lately my back has been hurting to the point to where I have to call into work. My hours at work have been cut and with working only 2-3 days at 4-5 hours a day and having to call out because I can't move is making hard to make ends meet and pay bills/rent. My family has been so helpful but they can only help so much. I always put others first and I am always willing to give you my last dollar. People who know me would say I am to nice because I have opened my home to people in need of shelter and buy food for homeless people. Never thought I would be the one asking for help. I need a little help to get my kids and I from being evicted and get some bills paid.