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Author: Kambiz Farnaam

This website made me wonder if I had any wishes that someone could grant. After all, so many of us have wishes that nobody can grant, such as peace in the Middle East or a brain for Governor Brown of California. That is why I tried to figure out what my grantable wish was. It finally came to me that I wish I knew why I get holes in the soles of my socks. This is actually a serious matter for me. In the morning, after I take a shower, I put on a healthy pair of socks. I check them for holes, and there will be none. Then I put on my shoes and go out to take care of business. Then, in most days, by mid day, I get a funny feelings in the sole of one of my feet. When I take that foot out of the shoe and look at its sock, I see a hole the size of a quarter. Some days the hole is on the left foot, and the other days it is on the right foot. Believe me, I have examined the soles of my feet many times, and there is no thorn sticking out of them. None of my shoes have any nail sticking out either. Can anyone tell me why do I get these holes in my socks? Is it due to static electricity build up? Is it due to my magnetic personality? Is it because my feet are connected to a black hole in space that is extending to anywhere I walk on? I remember when I was young, I was always ending up with one of the socks missing whenever I did a load of laundry . I would be forced to throw the other one away. That was such a waste for me. So, I finally discussed it with older brother. He told me that there is a little old lady inside the washing machine who washes the clothes. He explained that the old lady is short of memory and that is why she misplaces and loses one of the socks. Is it clear to you why I am not asking my older brother about the holes in my socks? By the way, is anyone wishing for an older brother?



Parisa Shelton I like to wear black socks because they don't get as dirty.

Love Reply 1 June 25 2018 6:12 pm

Layla F. At one point in time, I did wish I had an older brother... but for the time being, you can find a variety of possible reasons that you're getting holes in your socks here: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/2akt29/why_do_i_keep_getting_holes_in_my_socks_so_quickly/

Love Reply 1 April 19 2018 11:01 am

Parisa Shelton Interesting; go on.

Love 1 June 25 2018 6:11 pm

BISENGIMANA Vedaste Hhhhh interesting story... ohhf am at the end...

Love Reply 1 April 8 2018 2:29 pm